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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It is always a pleasure to work with Jim. Not to mention FUN and stress buster. I crave for these kind of shoots wherein I can just have fun and be given the creative freedom that I want.

For this shoot we decided on giving our 3 models, 3 layouts each! A mean feat that is. But with teamwork and the models not having a diva-ish attitude about them, the shoot went really well. Yesterday Jim posted some pics already and I want to share my favorite with you :

I did a very natural makeup on her...no contouring, no false lashes...I just evened out her skin tone and used neutral shadows. I used my smashbox palette for this.. I used a lipstick with an orange tone and brown base . Cheek color was minimal, just enough to give her a warm glow. For eyebrows, I used makeup forever brow corrector (which I absolutely LOVE) :D


Model: Janina
Hair: Kris Magboo
Jim Go Yarisantos

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