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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being a Makeup Artist

I am very much happy that more people are actually interested on becoming a makeup artist. However, I try to bring them back to reality that this job is not a walk in the park. It is not easy or glamorous as it may seem to look like. I try to tell potential students that they need to be 101 percent sure that they are staying for the long run. Why? Because of the amount of investment they will need to shell out. Well, unless they have extra cash to burn then by all means go ahead, but if they are going to put their hard earned moolah at stake it is best to think twice, err thrice or at best think really hard before taking the plunge.

Personally, I used up my savings and hard earned money for this career. Makeup school alone is quite expensive, my hubby and I have to let go of "lappy" our trusted notebook to be able to afford makeup school. But that is just the start. The most expensive part is the makeup products needed for school. You have to take into consideration the different skin tone of clients, thus you need to buy different shades of foundation, concealers, etc. And we all know that the good makeup brands are pricey. I, however believe that it is best to buy trusted brands because you are sure of its quality.

I remember back in makeup school, we were required to buy the 36 pcs brush set, I cried knowing that the budget that I have alloted is not enough. I have resorted to buying the 16 pcs instead. I survived by just borrowing the remaining brushes from my kind classmates. Every session I am torn between excitement and anxiety. Excitement because I am about to learn more! Anxiety because of whatever impending credit card abuse that is bound to happen due to the added requirements.

But I stayed on. I struggled but I stayed. What made me stay is the love and respect for this craft. Yes, love and respect. I stayed not because of desire to be famous or glamorous, I stayed because I am happy whenever I can make another person feel giddy with excitement once they see their reflection after the makeup session. I stayed because I love interacting with my clients. I stayed not because I wanted to be famous or meet famous people, but because I feel good whenever I am doing my craft. I stayed because I feel useful and appreciated.

I say this is not a glamorous job. This career is a lot of hard work. You have to live and breathe the craft. You have to be committed and armed with the desire to be the best of what you can be. I have done a couple of gigs when I was doubling over with stomach cramps and high fever. But the client never noticed...that is where professionalism will be put to use. Unlike the regular 8-5 job, makeup artist do not have the luxury of having sick leaves. If we have committed our services for a client then we have to honor it.

I have done this post to enlighten those who have been asking me a about how it is to be a makeup artist. Bottom line is, as long as you are having fun regardless of all the physical pain (backache) and challenges then you are on the right track. That is where the good part is, when you are actually "enjoying" your job then it is really not work at the end of the day right? :D

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