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Monday, November 18, 2013

David Archuleta in Manila

When I got a call to do his grooming 2 weeks ago I nearly dropped the phone. I was like...is this for real? hehhe. I refuse to believe it until yesterday when it actually happened. Let me recount everything for everyone on how everything went.

1. I was at the Pen exactly 930 AM
2. We went up to the room wherein the interviews/presscon is going to be held.
3. I met David's handlers and we were given instructions.
4. Myx crew arrived and did their set up.
5. Kris and I also prepared our things and took a reallllly deeeeep breath.
6. At exactly 10:15 I met David and we proceeded to do the grooming.
7. He was really charming and everything and we got to talk and all.
8. He said he wanted very minimal makeup. His skin is very smooth and so I just did a quick airbrush makeup for him. He was saying "Oh this is so cool, it feels cold" while smiling.
9. He asked me what music I was listening to and I answered Bruno Mars. He said that he also love love Bruno Mars' music.
10. He asked me if I know Adele's music. I said yes and told him I love "Chasing Pavements". He said he loves Adele also and i should check out Adele's new song which was already uploaded in youtube.
11. He complimented my necklace.."That's a nice owl"...hehhe
12. After that muntik na ako himatayin..jusko...heh
13. Then it's a long slew of interviews for him.
14. Myx was first, then Ricky Lo, Raymond Gutierrez, Tim Yap, ruffa gutierrez, grace lee, chico, then publications and print, then some lucky fans.
15. In between we did touch ups and he was really having a good time all throughout.
16. After wrapping up the interviews he shook my hand and said thank you and see you later.
17. We then proceeded to Sm North and secured our spots and watched the show.
18. We dropped by one last time to see David and we had our picture taken and he kept saying thanks and we kept saying thanks and we just all laughed at the end.

It was really nice meeting you David and thank you for being such a nice person in spite of being a really big celebrity.

Meanwhile here are some pictures my hairstylist and I managed to take :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Day I Met Ely Buendia

I have always been a big fan of Ely. Imagine my surprise when I got to do his makeup as well as his Pupil bandmates last week. I was so starstruck to say the least. Here are the pictures from the shoot :

Photos: Mari Arquiza

What a way to start the year,  right?!

Weeee!!! :D