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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tips for Brides

I love doing weddings! I can consider it as my most favorite event of all time. So really, when I get to do wedding gigs, I am at my happiest. I have done a few and I believe that the following tips can help those brides-to-be a lot! Please read carefully and bear in mind that these tips are meant to lessen or even relieve you of those unnecessary stress with regards to the makeup aspect on your special day :D

1. Do a trial makeup!

Shelling out dough for this at first may sound a lot but believe me when I say that this will be a BIG help for you. In trial makeups, you get to discuss with your makeup artist specifically what look you want for your day (Airbrush/Traditional). This comes extremely handy for the hairstyle, since the hairstylist can actually recommend a specific style that will suit your hair type. Most of my brides schedule their trial makeups to coincide with their pre nuptial shoots. So that is actually hitting 2 birds with one!

2. 4 hours (minimum) is needed for hair and makeup!

I myself allot 4 to 5 hours minimum of prep time. This means that me and my team arrives promptly 4 hours before the actual time that you will march down the aisle. It may seem a LOT of time but believe me that this is just right. The photographers will need the bride to be ready 2 hours before for the necessary "shots". The hairstylist needs time to set your hair etc. Of course the time also allow for emergencies that may actually happen.

3. Do not condition your hair!

Yes you read that right! Do not condition your hair when you wash it on the day of your wedding. Conditioning your hair makes it a bit harder to style especially if you want an elaborate updo.

4. Hire a wedding coordinator! (even only for the actual day)

I do not know the going rate for coordinators, but I have seen and witnessed how they work and believe me, it is all worth the money because getting them will make you relaxed and stress free. If you want good coordinators, message me and I can refer some for you :D

5. EAT!

I have been a bride myself and I know that with all the preparations, you will tend to not eat. But please, do eat...to avoid nausea. If you are thinking that you will get to eat at the reception...think again! I myself did not get a chance to eat at the party! Because you will be busy with all the photo taking and programme not to mention entertaining your guests. So I FORCE my brides to eat before I apply their lipsticks. :D

6. Go for the classic look

I have been asked by my brides why they cant do a specific makeup style that they see on magazines. The reason behind is that the classic look is timeless. So after 10 years, when you look in your wedding pictures..you do not want to see bue eyeshadows there right?! You dont want to cringe every time you see your wedding pictures right?!

7. And last but not the least....

SMILE! After all this is your special day! All eyes are on you and you worked so hard for this day...so enjoy and have fun! Work it girl! :D

Being a Makeup Artist

I am very much happy that more people are actually interested on becoming a makeup artist. However, I try to bring them back to reality that this job is not a walk in the park. It is not easy or glamorous as it may seem to look like. I try to tell potential students that they need to be 101 percent sure that they are staying for the long run. Why? Because of the amount of investment they will need to shell out. Well, unless they have extra cash to burn then by all means go ahead, but if they are going to put their hard earned moolah at stake it is best to think twice, err thrice or at best think really hard before taking the plunge.

Personally, I used up my savings and hard earned money for this career. Makeup school alone is quite expensive, my hubby and I have to let go of "lappy" our trusted notebook to be able to afford makeup school. But that is just the start. The most expensive part is the makeup products needed for school. You have to take into consideration the different skin tone of clients, thus you need to buy different shades of foundation, concealers, etc. And we all know that the good makeup brands are pricey. I, however believe that it is best to buy trusted brands because you are sure of its quality.

I remember back in makeup school, we were required to buy the 36 pcs brush set, I cried knowing that the budget that I have alloted is not enough. I have resorted to buying the 16 pcs instead. I survived by just borrowing the remaining brushes from my kind classmates. Every session I am torn between excitement and anxiety. Excitement because I am about to learn more! Anxiety because of whatever impending credit card abuse that is bound to happen due to the added requirements.

But I stayed on. I struggled but I stayed. What made me stay is the love and respect for this craft. Yes, love and respect. I stayed not because of desire to be famous or glamorous, I stayed because I am happy whenever I can make another person feel giddy with excitement once they see their reflection after the makeup session. I stayed because I love interacting with my clients. I stayed not because I wanted to be famous or meet famous people, but because I feel good whenever I am doing my craft. I stayed because I feel useful and appreciated.

I say this is not a glamorous job. This career is a lot of hard work. You have to live and breathe the craft. You have to be committed and armed with the desire to be the best of what you can be. I have done a couple of gigs when I was doubling over with stomach cramps and high fever. But the client never noticed...that is where professionalism will be put to use. Unlike the regular 8-5 job, makeup artist do not have the luxury of having sick leaves. If we have committed our services for a client then we have to honor it.

I have done this post to enlighten those who have been asking me a about how it is to be a makeup artist. Bottom line is, as long as you are having fun regardless of all the physical pain (backache) and challenges then you are on the right track. That is where the good part is, when you are actually "enjoying" your job then it is really not work at the end of the day right? :D

How I Organise my Stuff

I've had a lot of inquiries with reagards on how I "set up" whenever I have gigs and how many makeup I have. I have "enough" :D Basically I lug around 2 cases the other one is a trolley and the other one is hand carried. I also carry a sort of duffle bag for my hairstyling tools and other stuff that I need.

Alright, I have here some photos of what my normal "set-up" looks like. Please note however that I took these photos "before" and not during the gig. It gets crazier (messy) when I am in the middle of the gig...hahha

So on your left that's my trolley with lights. I like it because it is just the right size...not too big and not too small either. On the right side is my ever reliable case which has been with me for the longest time. Kumbaga ang dami na namin pinagsamahan :D. I tried replacing her with newer cases but I always, always end up going back to her. What I like about her is that she is compact enough but still can hold so much stuff!!!

Closer look:

My trolley basically holds all my eyemakeups...I've hot my palettes there, eyebrow corrector, eyeliners etc. Everything that I might need for eye makeup is all there. I also use it to hold my tissue, sanitizer and brush mug/holder.

On my other case...all my powders, lipsticks, glosses are there. I also keep my alcohol and mixing palettes near and of course my mobile phone.

I will do another detailed look on what is inside my kit next time...but basically this is how I organize my workstation whenever I have gigs. :D

SALE Alert: Art Deco

Yes Art Deco is on SALE! Up to 70% off on ALL products. I got some cool stuff for really cheap prices :D

I got some bronzing powders for 200 pesos and eyeliners for 250 and a lot more...do visit their counters if you have time. :D

Crave Burger

I love burgers! I do get excited to try out new burger place from time to time. When Crave burger asked me to do makeup for their new advert I said yes right away.

While doing the shoot they served us with their burgers and fries and blue lemonade. It wall all so good. And take note...they have twister fries! I loved it so much that I have to bring my family there another time! We dined there last Feb 14 and it we were so full and happy after!

Cheeseburger combo with blue lemonade

Store facase (White Plains branch)

Close up of cheeseburger with blue cheese.

I leave you guys with their website:

Good quality burgers! Affordable also. (no am not being paid to do this...I just love their food) :D

Valentines Day - Daisy

When Diane booked me for Feb 14 she was concerned about the call time. I am also...its at 5am! But you know what, I dont really mind, my concern at that time is that if Porshy will be well enough to be used. Good thing he was.

It was also surprising to know that her cousin is a good friend of mine :D Bless FB for that.

She needed a 'corporate' look since this will be her final evaluation for her application as an F.A. for a well know airline!


I can consider myself as "nice" and "easy to deal with" kind of person. I do not demand from my clients. I treat them with respect. To put it bluntly it takes "a lot" to make me angry! Yesterday I was really pissed off.

This couple confirmed and booked me for their wedding. They confirmed it over and over again. We did a trial...all went smooth.. even asked for the total amount at the end...this was a week ago. Imagine my surprise when I got a text (yes a TEXT) from the groom saying that their makeup is sponsored etc etc and they wont be needing my services anymore.

OK! It will be all fine sana, the thing is I have turned down a wedding on that SAME day. I honored my commitment with them. They did not!

Life sucks! But I am just thinking that at the end of all this I have my held high knowing that wala akong inagrabyado na tao. Yun lang!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Raven Models

My first ever paid gig was with Raven Models!

That was one year ago...I have done a lot of other shoots with them and I would gladly do another one again.

Whenever I do shoots with them I can always count on Sir Raoul for his help, creative output and suggestions.

I did another shoot with them today and as it was tiring it was also a lot of fun. :D Till next time :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Prom - Diane

Thanks Diane!

Although you are very quiet I still enjoyed doing your makeup :D And thanks also for the muffins they were yummy :D

Monday, February 8, 2010


Did a shoot today at Wack Wack. Lovely model, good company! Good vibes all around :)

Photos by: Rachel Lobangco
Model: Emily
MUA: Ria Redor
Hair: Kris

Saturday, February 6, 2010


My prom as it is is forgettable. I would not forget the horrendous makeup I got from our local parlorista! I do not even dare to look at past photos of me. That is why I made sure to classic looks when I did the makeup of these 3 gorgeous ladies for their prom last Sat.

My makeup style for these kind of events are always simple and classy...less is always more :)

Review: MUFE Eyebrow Corrector

Since my shoot was "cancelled" I have some time to spare before I go to my 2nd shoot for the day. We decided to hang out at Serendra and have brunch at Contis. I got to try their Adobong Batangas and it was soooo good!! Their Mango torte (?) also was heavenly. Not too heavy and sweet...just right for my palette.

Of course, I have to do my usual rounds of window shopping for makeup. I passed by the store of MUFE and I soon learned that they have the eyebrow corrector in stock. I bought it right away and here is my review:

Eyebrows are the most important part of any makeup application. This has to be perfect and as a makeup artist I need to arm myself with products that will make my life easier. AND this product will be on top of my list from now on.

Price: P 1,100

Its reasonable enough since you only need a teeny tiny amount of product (as in a DOT) for both eyebrows. I have used mine for like 30 or so faces already and its still full...hahahha..to say that this will last a lifetime is an understatement!!

Its also very easy to use since the consistency is rich and will get the job done in just one stroke of an angled brush. Although you will need a steady hand when applying this and a sturdy brush. So choose a brush that is firm. For beginners you might want to take a light eyebrow pencil and just gently trace the outer shape of your brows and fill them in with this.

am so loving this product that I am going to order the other shades online since our local MUFE stores dont have them available!

Get one!! uhmm actually HOARDif you can. You won't regret it :D

A for Attitude

Dear ASPIRING Models,

Please understand that we in production, are doing all that we can to be able to deliver a productive output. Your suggestions and inputs are truly appreciated. But for the love of God, DON'T PUSH IT!!! Don't be such a baby and be the cause of delay. The more you make "senseless" comments...the more you dig a deeper sh*t hole for yourself and with that you are pulling US down also.

Be PROFESSIONAL!!! It makes a whole lotta difference y' know?!


Ria and Kris

Hectic Saturday

Just got home from 2 gigs...both were fun and stress free..but I am in physical pain. My back is killing me... I badly need this :
Makeup Chair

Credit: www.professionalbeauty.org
Wish they have one in hot pink and black combi :D

In spite of all the back pain, this gift from my client made my day.....

Photo Credit: www.bitgrocer.com

Small gestures like this makes me smile...thanks Louise...hope you liked your flapper 1920's inspired makeup :D

Louise Lane

My first gig for the day.

She asked me to do her makeup for her grad pic.

First look - Natural Look

2nd Look - Creative layout - 1920's flapper chic (good thing I was reading the twenties girl by sophie kinsella, I got some very useful tips there!)

Thanks dear for being so nice and cooperative. Glad you liked it :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It is always a pleasure to work with Jim. Not to mention FUN and stress buster. I crave for these kind of shoots wherein I can just have fun and be given the creative freedom that I want.

For this shoot we decided on giving our 3 models, 3 layouts each! A mean feat that is. But with teamwork and the models not having a diva-ish attitude about them, the shoot went really well. Yesterday Jim posted some pics already and I want to share my favorite with you :

I did a very natural makeup on her...no contouring, no false lashes...I just evened out her skin tone and used neutral shadows. I used my smashbox palette for this.. I used a lipstick with an orange tone and brown base . Cheek color was minimal, just enough to give her a warm glow. For eyebrows, I used makeup forever brow corrector (which I absolutely LOVE) :D


Model: Janina
Hair: Kris Magboo
Jim Go Yarisantos