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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daiana Menezes for Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage is a brand of swimsuit by filipina designer Danelyn Rillera. She is selling them in the US and she has standing stores in Florida. She is such a sweetheart and I really had fun working with her :)

Photographer: Jay Tablante

My December Brides

Come December I will be really busy...am not even kidding. Here are some of my December brides. I did their makeup for their pre nuptial shoots...I cant find the pics of others though...

May before

May After

Gee Ann Before

Gee ann After

Dette Before

Dette after

Camille Before

Camille After

Clars Before

Clars After

Will update this posts once I have all the pics...but as of last count Ill be doing 18 brides...whew!! December is indeed one busy month :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Juvy is my classmate from college and last month they booked me to do their makeup...right after they booked me again for another event they are going to attend. Here are the photos :)



juvy before

juvy after

mom before

mom after

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bloggers gone wild

Did I caught your attention? :)

Here are some pics from the shoot that we did for 

Hannah of flaircandy.com
Nina of ChangeMakersPhilippines.com and WritersBlockPhilippines.com
Vince of wheninmanila.com








Photographer: Philip Laurel
Hair: Kris Magboo
Makeup: Ria Redor

My desktop

its zebra and its pink...what else can i want?? :)

DLSU Innersoul and New Cam

am loving my new camera...

sony w310

1. super cheap (P5,400) coz no way am i spending more than 6k for a cam...yup am a cheapo :P
2. Pictures are really of good quality
3. I got it here : http://jeptall.multiply.com/ (CHECK IT OUT!)
4. Mall price is P 10,500... see what i mean with cheap?!
5. It's lightweight and i like how it looks...

I road tested it today.. here are some pics from my gig at DLSU for Innersoul :)

The setup

My outfit of the day (Cardigan and leggings from landmark, boots and top from f21) 

I did 8 heads...was not able to take photos of the others though :(

Anyway...I am in love with my sony w310 and I believe it is a good buy :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I LOVE Makeup: Airbrush Bride: Grace Abaya

I LOVE Makeup: Airbrush Bride: Grace Abaya

Airbrush Bride: Grace Abaya

I love doing makeup in Astoria. If I will have the power to influence my wedding clients..I would tell them to choose Astoria...why? because its so spacious and airy and comfortable. Rooms are really BIG!.

Here are some before and after pics of my beautiful and forever smiling bride Grace :)

Letter Day Story "Paano" MTV

There were a lot of pleasant surprises in this shoot.

1. I just found out that I know and have worked with the female lead (Kate)
2. That shooting in Escolta can be a lot of fun...the architecture is amazing
3. The dog's owner is an old acquaintance of my husband.
4. That seeing a pool made of milk would make me want to dunk my whole face in it thinking that it will be good for my skin :P


5. It will literally take us 24 hours to shoot the video.

To say that it was a lot of hard work is an understatement. As much as we were all tired I have to give it to the band coz not once did I hear them whine, complain amidst being dunked so many times in the milk pool. That actually stopped me from whining myself...and of course I am amazed that I was able to survive it and well the outcome is hella amazing!!

Congrats to the whole team!! I am so proud to have been a part of it :)

You may watch the rest of the video HERE. In the meantime...enjoy the photos