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Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm Back!!

Its been such a long time since I updated this site... the reason being is that my macbook gave up on me and getting it fixed is actually more expensive compared to buying a new one. It really disappointed me so much since I failed to get applecare and honestly at that time (a year or so ago) I just didnt really want to spend on a laptop anymore since I am more than happy to use just my s4 to browse the net. It is just this year that I finally gave in a and bought a laptop because my son needs it for school.

So the plan is I will still blog about the stuff that happened since my last post (I keep a diary via Instagram). I just think that putting more than captions in every gig that I did is more appealing to my prospective clients.

That is the plan...uh oh I just wish I can do it though :p wish me luck