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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tips for Brides

I love doing weddings! I can consider it as my most favorite event of all time. So really, when I get to do wedding gigs, I am at my happiest. I have done a few and I believe that the following tips can help those brides-to-be a lot! Please read carefully and bear in mind that these tips are meant to lessen or even relieve you of those unnecessary stress with regards to the makeup aspect on your special day :D

1. Do a trial makeup!

Shelling out dough for this at first may sound a lot but believe me when I say that this will be a BIG help for you. In trial makeups, you get to discuss with your makeup artist specifically what look you want for your day (Airbrush/Traditional). This comes extremely handy for the hairstyle, since the hairstylist can actually recommend a specific style that will suit your hair type. Most of my brides schedule their trial makeups to coincide with their pre nuptial shoots. So that is actually hitting 2 birds with one!

2. 4 hours (minimum) is needed for hair and makeup!

I myself allot 4 to 5 hours minimum of prep time. This means that me and my team arrives promptly 4 hours before the actual time that you will march down the aisle. It may seem a LOT of time but believe me that this is just right. The photographers will need the bride to be ready 2 hours before for the necessary "shots". The hairstylist needs time to set your hair etc. Of course the time also allow for emergencies that may actually happen.

3. Do not condition your hair!

Yes you read that right! Do not condition your hair when you wash it on the day of your wedding. Conditioning your hair makes it a bit harder to style especially if you want an elaborate updo.

4. Hire a wedding coordinator! (even only for the actual day)

I do not know the going rate for coordinators, but I have seen and witnessed how they work and believe me, it is all worth the money because getting them will make you relaxed and stress free. If you want good coordinators, message me and I can refer some for you :D

5. EAT!

I have been a bride myself and I know that with all the preparations, you will tend to not eat. But please, do eat...to avoid nausea. If you are thinking that you will get to eat at the reception...think again! I myself did not get a chance to eat at the party! Because you will be busy with all the photo taking and programme not to mention entertaining your guests. So I FORCE my brides to eat before I apply their lipsticks. :D

6. Go for the classic look

I have been asked by my brides why they cant do a specific makeup style that they see on magazines. The reason behind is that the classic look is timeless. So after 10 years, when you look in your wedding pictures..you do not want to see bue eyeshadows there right?! You dont want to cringe every time you see your wedding pictures right?!

7. And last but not the least....

SMILE! After all this is your special day! All eyes are on you and you worked so hard for this day...so enjoy and have fun! Work it girl! :D

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