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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I can consider myself as "nice" and "easy to deal with" kind of person. I do not demand from my clients. I treat them with respect. To put it bluntly it takes "a lot" to make me angry! Yesterday I was really pissed off.

This couple confirmed and booked me for their wedding. They confirmed it over and over again. We did a trial...all went smooth.. even asked for the total amount at the end...this was a week ago. Imagine my surprise when I got a text (yes a TEXT) from the groom saying that their makeup is sponsored etc etc and they wont be needing my services anymore.

OK! It will be all fine sana, the thing is I have turned down a wedding on that SAME day. I honored my commitment with them. They did not!

Life sucks! But I am just thinking that at the end of all this I have my held high knowing that wala akong inagrabyado na tao. Yun lang!

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