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Monday, March 28, 2011

Trish and friends

1920's Makeup

Didi - airbrush Bride

Joanne Prenup


Prom: CSA

Airbrush Makeup for these lovely ladies from CSA. The girl in the pink gown even won Prom Queen. So cute! :D

Prom: chiarra

Airbrush Bride: Abbie

Mom and Daughter

I always get calls and inquiries from people working abroad to do their makeup. This is also one of those times wherein I will get to do makeup for these lovely ladies who are working in Dubai.

Airbrush Bride: Ninia

Ninia is a former officemate and I am really glad she chose me to do her makeup for her wedding given that she has a lot of makeup artist friends :D

Airbrush Makeup - Chi

I always get moms calling me for makeup services for their kids christening and Chi is one of them. Her main concern is the pimple marks on her face. Of course with the power of proper makeup technique we were able to conceal that! :D