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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How I Organise my Stuff

I've had a lot of inquiries with reagards on how I "set up" whenever I have gigs and how many makeup I have. I have "enough" :D Basically I lug around 2 cases the other one is a trolley and the other one is hand carried. I also carry a sort of duffle bag for my hairstyling tools and other stuff that I need.

Alright, I have here some photos of what my normal "set-up" looks like. Please note however that I took these photos "before" and not during the gig. It gets crazier (messy) when I am in the middle of the gig...hahha

So on your left that's my trolley with lights. I like it because it is just the right size...not too big and not too small either. On the right side is my ever reliable case which has been with me for the longest time. Kumbaga ang dami na namin pinagsamahan :D. I tried replacing her with newer cases but I always, always end up going back to her. What I like about her is that she is compact enough but still can hold so much stuff!!!

Closer look:

My trolley basically holds all my eyemakeups...I've hot my palettes there, eyebrow corrector, eyeliners etc. Everything that I might need for eye makeup is all there. I also use it to hold my tissue, sanitizer and brush mug/holder.

On my other case...all my powders, lipsticks, glosses are there. I also keep my alcohol and mixing palettes near and of course my mobile phone.

I will do another detailed look on what is inside my kit next time...but basically this is how I organize my workstation whenever I have gigs. :D

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