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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last Saturday after a wedding gig at Manila Hotel my hairstylist and I hauled our asses off to Metrowalk for the Muziklaban event in which I will be doing the makeup for one of the hosts' Ms. Quennie Smith. Quennie is a very good friend and I was only too eager to do her makeup for this event. We then proceeded to Linden suites having decided to do her makeup there instead.

Here is the look that I did for her:

I made it a bit sparkly on the lids...was not able to take a proper foto though since we were all star struck because....

Yeah, no other that Mr Pepe Smith! Quennie is his daughter and we got to meet him. Starstruck much. He is an icon of Philippine Rock! It was so surreal! In all fairness, he is too cool for words.

Queenie gave us VIP passes and we got to hang out for a bit and decided to call it a night at around 11pm. I was dead tired at that time because I was working since 8am and though it was all fun...physically I was dead tired already. But it was fun as always :D

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