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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Valerie Bariou- Bondoc

Valerie is one of the sought after model/actress here in Manila. She was uber fun to work with. So down to earth and stating the obvious drop dead gorgeous! I love Val! :D

Photos by Jim Go Yarisantos
Original designs of Lauren Berberabe

Caffe Izzo & Stick House

I love coffee so whenever I have the time I bond with friends over a cup of coffee :) I just discovered cafe izzo at trinoma recently. I used to think that its expensive here but I was surprised to know that the prices are affordable.

Plus points:

Free wifi (dito pa lang OK na ako! lol)
Good affordable Coffee
Cool interiors
Nice staff
Comfortable al fresco area

Java Chip Freeze P130

My view from the al fresco area

Warm color palette

Love the couch

They also have stickhouse which is gelato on a stick with toppings!! so good :)

Cool chair eh?! (Bagay sa studio) lol

Happy Me! :D

I love Caffe Izzo!!!
Located at the Cinema Level Trinoma Mall

Beauty and Butter - Nail Salon

Strange name for a nail salon but trust me when I say every penny spent is worth it! Today is my 3rd time to visit and the services offered gets better and better :) Today they let me use the IPAD! hahha and as I type this I am now scouring ebay for an IPAD seller! OMG! hahhaha

You get to use this for FREE (Php500 worth of treatment/nail services). Plus Step Up 2 is showing in their flat screens so I was not bored at all.

Since I dont get to have my mani/pedi done regularly I decided to splurge a bit and avail of their special combo of Mani/Pedi plus paraffin treatment for hands and feet which costs 999 pesos. I decided to have dark purple with red and silver glitters and here is the finished product :D

The last time I went there I was a bit disappointed because the staff kept on pushing products my way. Good thing nothing like that happened. Hope it stays that way! Customers will ASK if they are interested :)

If you need more info here is their Facebook page

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jessica Sandoval Wedding

Venue: New World Hotel
Airbrush Makeup for the bride
Traditional for the others

Thanks Jek for the trust!

Bride Jez

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Favorite pieces

Recent shopping finds that I am loving
(yes i take crappy photos...sorry) :)

Trunk shop shoes P350 (super STEAL)

My hair :P
Bleache Catastrophe top (P1,700)
F21 inner top (P400)

F21 boots (super love: I wear them on gigs and they are super comfy) P2200
F21 Polkadot socks (my frustration coz I did not get any CDG stuff from H&M)

F21 Shades with studs (P350)

BLACK is love!! my only color everyday is my hair :P

Friday, August 27, 2010

Product Review: Wet n wild Lip Products

I love lip liners! It makes lipsticks last longer and it makes as a good base prior to lipstick application. But I always get frustrated because super few drugstore brands carries "good lipliners". That is why I was super happy when I found out that wet n wild is already available here in the PI!

I got a few lip liners and lipsticks and decided to share them with you :)

Top L to R - 2 Wet n Wild lipstick, Revlon Gloss and Lipstick (separate review for Revlon)
Bottom - Wet n Wild Lip liners

LIP LINER Swatches
Left to Right: Berry Red, Willow, Fab Fuchsia

  • I super love the wide range of colors to choose from
  • Almost "kohl" like in consistency but still have that "firmness". Suffice to say it does not break easily but glides effortlessly on lips!
  • My favorite is Fab Fuchsia and pair it with dark eyeshadows (super fab talaga)
  • Berry Red is great if you wanna go minimal with your eyeshadows
  • Willow is a great neutral shade...goes with anything
  • The size is bigger than your regular lipliner
  • and i LOVE that its only 99 pesos!!

Lipsticks: L-R 552a, 525d

  • I am also in love with the lipsticks...super stays the whole day (paired with a lip liner that is)
  • 552a is a good red lippie with a dash of dark pink...its almost burgundy in color
  • I love 525d because it reminds me of my MAC Lady Gaga lipstick but more pigmented!! I super love this shade
  • Priced at 99 pesos
So girls if you are looking for cool lipstick shades that are super duper affordable visit Wet n Wild! :D

Where to find Wet n Wild?

SM Watsons Megamall, Makati and Las Pinas

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Makeup Workshop

Hi friends! I and 360°Beauty will be conducting a makeup workshop this oct 2, 2010. Please help me spread the word and do join if you are interested. Promise this will be FUN. Ill share with you all that I know so that you will get to do your own makeup in the future :D


Venue is at NEW HORIZON HOTEL ( o di ba sosyal)
Food provided (pak na pak)

Please see the poster for more details!!

Photo credit: Jim Go Yarisantos and JR Velasquez :D

Non makeup post - Fab wallet

I love cheap thrills!

But this one topped everything so far

Fab metallic wallet for 66 pesos!! OMG!! Ive been using this for 2 months now and I have been complimented a lot at pag tinatanong ko ang question na "guess how much" bongga ang mga sagot!!

girlette 1 - P500??
Me - wit!
And so on and so forth!!

They cannot believe that its 66 pesos..lol

O di ba not bad?!

Purchased at: Japan Home Eastwood (3rd floor) :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My makeover

Just to be fair sa mga clients!
Ako din aachieve ng makeover! hahhaha

Proceed at your own risk :P

Products used: Masilya, cement, Boysen Paint (kidding)


Sue Devitt kiyeme kiyeme shade (brown and pink)
MAC Rice Paper

Cheeks: Nars Orgasm

Lips: Lady Gaga (MAC) mixed with Nichido kiyeme

Powder:: MAC MSF LIght

Foundation: Modelco Tinted Moisturiser

Concelear: Laura Mercier

Eyeline: MAC

Macara: Maybelline (the pink one)

Am so bad with the product specifics because ugali kong mag depot at itapon ang labels etc..so ang eksena ko parati pag nag re stock is dala ko ang pan at more more match match sa mga eyeshadows ng kung anong brand! hehhe

Prince Stefan

did the grooming for Prince Stefan of Starstruck. We love Prince

Some photos were featured in this article from pep.ph


CUESHE MTV - Pangako

Being a makeup artist I do not have to luxury of "sick leaves". But being human I do get sick and it is a problem if i am sick when gigs are booked beforehand.

I had a very high fever when we did the shoot...when you click the link you will see that the environment is really uncomfortable smoke-fire-fever=disaster. I have to put a brave face and just braced myself for the inevitable..good thing Kris was there to help me move about and took care of retouch etc. I love the outcome and it was all worth it!

Some Behind the scenes outtakes

With singer Jay

Kulit shot with Fritz (retouch din daw nya ako :P)

Reuben (guitars/vocals)

Direk Treb at work

So vote for them at MYX!! Lets support Cushe! Super nice song btw :D

The RED DOOR Makeup Studio

I love everything vintage! It is just fascinating to go back in time and see how people have lived their lives then. Hence the reason why I chose to do a very "vintage" theme for my makeup studio. I have a quirky personality and though I love doing natural looks (which is by far the safest look ever!) I have a personality that is fun loving, colorful and yess youthful! Lol!

I love to make my clients laugh and feel at ease. Siguro that is one of the reasons they keep coming back :) So without much further ado...here are some photos of my makeup studio :

My friend/hairstylist/image stylist/carpenter Kris, me and my hubby did everything...super labor of love talaga :) I wanted it to be very personal and so I invite you to come and visit if you can :)

But of course due to my kinda harrid schedule I only accept bookings by appointment only


58 Lanzone St., Project 2 Quezon city

Text me for directions at 0922-8745336

PHOTOS: Ena Lopez Terol (www.enaterol.com)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Whenever my friend Edric calls I know that I am going to be doing an out of the box makeup which involves making dedma the peg all together and just going with the flow! His ideas are so out of this world and I LOVE IT! Hello. I am so so sawa na doing the same "safe" looks over and over again! What we did this time is so PAK (wala na ako masabi) hahha.. We did 3 looks and Ral (our model) is the ever willing victim! hahhah

First look: (Alienish)
Look: No eyebrows/super blue lips (we had fun trading comments back and forth in FB and having her friends believe that I did "shaved" her brows...her friends totally bought it!! lol

FACT: Of course I did not shave her brows...hahhah I used layers of concealer and lots of PATIENCE...her brows were oh so black! Challenge but am happy how it turned out... LOOK!

Second Look: Unevened almost bugs eyes
Super opaque black shadow and white liner with 2 uneven circles to make a pseudo bugs?!
Hair: ABACA fibers (nakkahiwa = dangerous) wrapped around her head

Final look: Diana Ross!! hahha ok am kidding were really going for GLAM GLAM GLAM here
Pinks and Blacks combined/super defined brows/lilac lips (super glossy)
Hair: Whatever basta BIG hair!!

Alright what do you guys think? Me I super love?! I wanna here your thoughts!! :D


Photographer: Edric Chen
Model: Raleene Cabrera
Stylist: Monina Gatan
Hair: Kris Magboo
Makeup: Ria Redor

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Dubai based Jessica had her trial makeup and we will see each other next Saturday for her wedding. She was with her mom and initially tita was so shocked with my pink hair I can feel the hesitation but then again as we get to talk and after I am finished with the makeup she was so happy and she was smiling from ear to ear. I love mother of the brides :D they always make my day and reminds me of my own mom during my wedding day! :D

Here are the before and after pics of Jessica :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Faye and friends

Faye is such a sweetheart! Super kulit and fun to be with :D She and her friends asked me to do something simple but i replied that we dont do simple...we do fabulous.

No dull moment with this group! I love how they trusted me to do their looks...kung ano daw ang bagay gow!! hahhaha..till next time girls :D

Look - Super fresh neutral tones
Cheeks shimmery
lips - peach tones ang gloss


Neutal but super pinkish lips
Smoky brown with kabog lashes

Look: Audrey Hepburn
Lips super red
Neutral eyes