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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My makeover

Just to be fair sa mga clients!
Ako din aachieve ng makeover! hahhaha

Proceed at your own risk :P

Products used: Masilya, cement, Boysen Paint (kidding)


Sue Devitt kiyeme kiyeme shade (brown and pink)
MAC Rice Paper

Cheeks: Nars Orgasm

Lips: Lady Gaga (MAC) mixed with Nichido kiyeme

Powder:: MAC MSF LIght

Foundation: Modelco Tinted Moisturiser

Concelear: Laura Mercier

Eyeline: MAC

Macara: Maybelline (the pink one)

Am so bad with the product specifics because ugali kong mag depot at itapon ang labels etc..so ang eksena ko parati pag nag re stock is dala ko ang pan at more more match match sa mga eyeshadows ng kung anong brand! hehhe


  1. i love the eyebrows.. wish i could do that too..

  2. you got me laughing at the kiyeme kiyeme... :))

  3. hi charlie dali lang yan! will post a tutorial sometime :D am still trying to figure out this blogging thing hahha :D

  4. i've made several attempts. major major fail. impakta eyebrows ang naachieve ko :D hope you can put a chatbox on your blog too para your followers can leave you a quick message anytime :)