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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beauty and Butter - Nail Salon

Strange name for a nail salon but trust me when I say every penny spent is worth it! Today is my 3rd time to visit and the services offered gets better and better :) Today they let me use the IPAD! hahha and as I type this I am now scouring ebay for an IPAD seller! OMG! hahhaha

You get to use this for FREE (Php500 worth of treatment/nail services). Plus Step Up 2 is showing in their flat screens so I was not bored at all.

Since I dont get to have my mani/pedi done regularly I decided to splurge a bit and avail of their special combo of Mani/Pedi plus paraffin treatment for hands and feet which costs 999 pesos. I decided to have dark purple with red and silver glitters and here is the finished product :D

The last time I went there I was a bit disappointed because the staff kept on pushing products my way. Good thing nothing like that happened. Hope it stays that way! Customers will ASK if they are interested :)

If you need more info here is their Facebook page

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