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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CUESHE MTV - Pangako

Being a makeup artist I do not have to luxury of "sick leaves". But being human I do get sick and it is a problem if i am sick when gigs are booked beforehand.

I had a very high fever when we did the shoot...when you click the link you will see that the environment is really uncomfortable smoke-fire-fever=disaster. I have to put a brave face and just braced myself for the inevitable..good thing Kris was there to help me move about and took care of retouch etc. I love the outcome and it was all worth it!

Some Behind the scenes outtakes

With singer Jay

Kulit shot with Fritz (retouch din daw nya ako :P)

Reuben (guitars/vocals)

Direk Treb at work

So vote for them at MYX!! Lets support Cushe! Super nice song btw :D

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