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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Whenever my friend Edric calls I know that I am going to be doing an out of the box makeup which involves making dedma the peg all together and just going with the flow! His ideas are so out of this world and I LOVE IT! Hello. I am so so sawa na doing the same "safe" looks over and over again! What we did this time is so PAK (wala na ako masabi) hahha.. We did 3 looks and Ral (our model) is the ever willing victim! hahhah

First look: (Alienish)
Look: No eyebrows/super blue lips (we had fun trading comments back and forth in FB and having her friends believe that I did "shaved" her brows...her friends totally bought it!! lol

FACT: Of course I did not shave her brows...hahhah I used layers of concealer and lots of PATIENCE...her brows were oh so black! Challenge but am happy how it turned out... LOOK!

Second Look: Unevened almost bugs eyes
Super opaque black shadow and white liner with 2 uneven circles to make a pseudo bugs?!
Hair: ABACA fibers (nakkahiwa = dangerous) wrapped around her head

Final look: Diana Ross!! hahha ok am kidding were really going for GLAM GLAM GLAM here
Pinks and Blacks combined/super defined brows/lilac lips (super glossy)
Hair: Whatever basta BIG hair!!

Alright what do you guys think? Me I super love?! I wanna here your thoughts!! :D


Photographer: Edric Chen
Model: Raleene Cabrera
Stylist: Monina Gatan
Hair: Kris Magboo
Makeup: Ria Redor

1 comment:

  1. I love the work you did to Ral. I really actually thought at first you shaved off her eyebrows when she posted a pic but thank goodness, you didnt. :) I love your work dear! :D