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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Makeup Workshops 1 & 2

Yes I have been neglecting this blog for quite sometime...I had been really busy and now I am finding myself having some ample time to update my blog...( tomorrow is a different story though) :P

Anyway I just wrapped up 2 makeup workshops. Here are some pictures :)


360 Makeup and me collaborated and we did this at New Horizon Hotel. We had at least 12 attendees and 3 were from Baguio. I was so touched and impressed with their dedication to learn makeup and they told me that they learned a lot and it was indeed worth the 12 hour trip (back and forth) to Manila.

my ever so dedicated students


The second one was a more intimate and I held it at my makeup studio. My contacts in FB requested me to do another one. It took only 1 week to plan. But it was also very successful and I am so proud of them because they really did great :)

I can't wait for the next one....:))

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