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Friday, October 22, 2010

Apple Wekz

I am really not OC when it comes to my gadgets... but with my macbook i decided to purchase some sort of protective case for it. Prices for mac's case can be steep especially when purchased at the apple store. Good thing I chanced upon Apple Werkz FB account and decided to pay them a visit last Tuesday.

I was not able to take photos because we were double parked and it was raining thus I have to be extra quick and all. But what greeted me was a vast and extensive choices of cases and protectors for all Apple products (Macbook, Iphone, Ipad) at much much cheaper prices. I was lemming for some Iphone cases but as the situation would have it I didn't have the time.

Anyway let me share with you Macky's case. It really does the job of protecting Macky from scratches and it fits snugly in my bag. Its padded which is a good thing :) Some stores do sell laptop cases at much cheaper prices but then again the quality is so so.

Here is a picture of my purchase (using photo booth)...

Cute pink circles

thick padding inside (lots of protection)

Bought it for Php 999 and it is definitely worth it.

Where to buy?: APPLE WERKZ
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/apple.werkz#!

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