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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I always am in front of the computer. Its relatively one of my "most" used gadgets next to my phone of course :) Last year I bought a netbook and don't get me wrong i loved it. But then again ever since I bought my iphone I have been so curious on how Mac computers work.

I am never ever letting go of my iphone. I love it to bits. I love how simple everything are and because of that I decided to make the "switch". I decided to try and see for myself what is the big fuss about Mac computers.

I finally got mine yesterday and today I am so familiar with it and now I understand the "big fuss". Everything is so simple. Its aesthetically pretty and at the same time so user friendly. I used to be "intimidated" by it, but now I totally agree with my Mac user friends that "Once you go Mac, you ain't going back".

Here is my Macky...she is so pretty eh? I particularly like the lighted apple logo...so posh :))

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