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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glenlyn Medrano (Airbrush Bride)

What a hectic Saturday it was! I started the day quite early for a wedding in Tagaytay. Was not able to meet the bride beforehand and I was so flatered that they decided to book even if we did not meet in person. They just looked at my folio and they trusted me na to do the makeup. Big thanks also to Edith of Eventus wedding planners for the referral. (Hindi pa rin tau nagkita) lol. I highly recommend them btw for brides that are in need of reliable wedding planners :D

My call time was 4am I was at Tagaytay 3am. I was not able to get any snooze because I usually sleep at 3am so its quite impossible for me to sleep at 8pm :(

My bride Glen was super nice and trusted me enough to do whatever I do best, and because of it I enjoyed every minute with her and her family. I did 9 heads or more...after the 4th client I stopped counting..lol. Here are some photos I grabbed from Eventus..I was not able to take any other photos coz I need to be done by 7am...hehhe

Thank you eventus! More projects to come and more power :D

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