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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aleli Palmer (Airbrush client)

I seem to be getting a lot of clients whose kids are celebrating their bday. Thanks to Ms Gie Shi who gave good recommendation via girl talk. I met Aleli via her sister Abby whose kid also celebrated her 1st bday last month. Aleli likewise asked me to do her makeup for her sons bday party.

I was shocked to know that she went through a very bad experience with regards to eyelash extension. Apparently the one who did her eyelash extension was not so equipped to do the said procedure. She ended up having to pluck her eyelashes together with the extension..Oh my God. I can just imagine the pain the she went through. My heart really went out to her and she requested me to apply false lashes to her. My concern at that time was that "walang kakapitan" ang false lashes coz she doesent have any eyelashed na to begin with. Good thing it worked out fine in the end. Phew!!

So lessoned learned please girls if you have to get hat eyelash extension look and research for good and trusted salons who specializes in that. Eyelashes takes a lot of time to grow out so please please be careful! I dont recommend it in the first place because it is so high maintenance. Mascara and lash curling will do the trick na...here is a picture that I grabbed from Aleli. I just did a very neutral look for her and she rocked it!! I love Aleli!!

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