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Friday, November 12, 2010

DLSU Innersoul and New Cam

am loving my new camera...

sony w310

1. super cheap (P5,400) coz no way am i spending more than 6k for a cam...yup am a cheapo :P
2. Pictures are really of good quality
3. I got it here : http://jeptall.multiply.com/ (CHECK IT OUT!)
4. Mall price is P 10,500... see what i mean with cheap?!
5. It's lightweight and i like how it looks...

I road tested it today.. here are some pics from my gig at DLSU for Innersoul :)

The setup

My outfit of the day (Cardigan and leggings from landmark, boots and top from f21) 

I did 8 heads...was not able to take photos of the others though :(

Anyway...I am in love with my sony w310 and I believe it is a good buy :)

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