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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Letter Day Story "Paano" MTV

There were a lot of pleasant surprises in this shoot.

1. I just found out that I know and have worked with the female lead (Kate)
2. That shooting in Escolta can be a lot of fun...the architecture is amazing
3. The dog's owner is an old acquaintance of my husband.
4. That seeing a pool made of milk would make me want to dunk my whole face in it thinking that it will be good for my skin :P


5. It will literally take us 24 hours to shoot the video.

To say that it was a lot of hard work is an understatement. As much as we were all tired I have to give it to the band coz not once did I hear them whine, complain amidst being dunked so many times in the milk pool. That actually stopped me from whining myself...and of course I am amazed that I was able to survive it and well the outcome is hella amazing!!

Congrats to the whole team!! I am so proud to have been a part of it :)

You may watch the rest of the video HERE. In the meantime...enjoy the photos

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