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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Upgraded :D

I can consider myself as a "smart" shopper when it comes to buying makeup for work, Heck, I dont even buy makeup for myself for the sole reason that i dont put any...yeah I am a makeup artist who does not wear makeup..the funniest contradiction ever. I love putting makeup on other people that is why I am in this profession. I love the transformations...the smiles and the appreciation of clients. If they feel beautiful then my job is done.

When I started with makeup school I only have 1 traincase which have survived me and which I refuse to sell.. call me sentimental but heck i love Blackie too much to even entertain the thought of selling her. She had been with me at my first ever international gig in HK. I have tried to replace her but I always ended out selling the replacement instead...lol.

But as I accumulate more makeup...I realized that I needed a kit with more space. Good thing my hairstylist offered to sell  her traincase for a really low price. I decided to get this baby finally last October.

It proved to be a very good buy because I can "edit" what things to bring. If I am doing grooming for guys I just take the bottom part and if I am doing more faces I tote everything! hahha

But you know what I still miss Blackie so much :( But then again she now sits proudly in my studio..she may be diminutive but she have served me well. We weathered storms (Ondoy) while working, we endured being lost in translation at HK and countless weddings..but then again I am starting a new partnership and so far its going great.

Also I got this baby last Saturday.

I upgraded from this...


 AND I couldn't be happier :) Its my ultimate dream kit! :)

Hard work really do pay off.

 Early in my career ( a year or so ago) , I was asked to do makeup for a wedding fashion show. I was working side by side with the "bigwigs" of makeup...xeng zuleta and barbi chan ( to name some) and there I was in my little corner with my little kit with no makeup case with light, sweating and squinting because of the poor lighting ready to freak out anytime...good thing Ms. Barbi Chan was kind enough to lend me her "lights". She was so nice and I am happy coz now I have my own. I don't know if she will remember that incident but I made a little promise to myself that one day I will also return the favor and  do the same should the need arise...its time to pay it forward. :)

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